The Pit Brothers Band began as collaboration between two brothers from Queens, New York, Eric and David Pitagorsky. The Pit Brothers were given the gift of music at a young age and were together inspired by the power and mystery they found in musical expression. In their formative years the brothers spent countless hours improvising and writing songs during late night jam sessions. These sessions cemented the musical bond that became the driving force behind the partnership that evolved into the Pit Brothers Band. During their musical journey the Pit Brothers have played poolside at local country clubs, packed venues during their college years in upstate New York, played the club circuit in Hollywood, CA and are currently playing blistering shows in some of the hottest music clubs in New York city. In addition, Eric and David have been involved in a variety of musical projects both together and individually including session work, composition for film and video as well as stints with other bands in New York and Los Angeles. 

The Pit Brothers Band plays music from the heart. Their sound is an intoxicating and improvisational blend of groove-oriented, organic soulful rock and roll songs. Their on-stage chemistry and playing ability is evident in their tight, energetic, fluid live performances. The Pit Brothers conjure a transcendent, contagious energy on stage that flows through the audience to create a uniquely positive transformational vibe. The band’s current line up consists of Eric on guitars/vocals, David on keyboards/lead vocals, Flaco, on drums/vocals and Mitch Sikora on bass. The Pit Brothers band has been featured on “The Best of New York – Live at Arlene’s Grocery” compilation and their new release 'Roscoe' is available on Apple Music / itunes, Spotify and all digital retailers. The Pit Brothers are a special band with a constantly expanding repertoire of timeless music that the world deserves to hear. Experience them in person and see for yourself.